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V- Ring seal is used with SNA, SNH, and SNL housings. For SDG and PDN type housings, V- Ring seal are used as supplementary seal to enhance sealing efficiency.

V-Ring seal consist of a V-ring and steel sheet washer (TA). It is designated as TA or TSNA 500A or TSNA 600A

The V-ring of synthetic rubber has a thin sealing lip which acts in an axial direction. The ring also servers as a flinger as it rotates with the shaft. This type of seal is effective under most operating conditions. V- ring is normally suitable for peripheral speeds up to 12 meter/sec although axial location for the v-ring must be provided at peripheral speeds in excess of 7meter/sec. Higher speeds than 12meter/sec can be permitted if the V-Ring body is also radially clamped, using a steel ring. The maximum permissible misalignment of the shaft is approximately 1.5. degree for a shaft diameter of 50 mm, which decrease to approximately 1 degree. for a shaft diameter of 150 mm.

V-ring seals are suitable for temperature range of -40.0 C to 1000 C , grease lubrication and vertical mounting but less suitable in axial shaft displacement oil lubrication. For external condition with dust, sand and splashing fluid, V-ring seals are selected, but they are not suitable with grit, sharp objects, chipping, splinters and sunshine.