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Labyrinth Seal is used with SN, SNA, SNH, SNL, SD and SAF type housings. For large Plummer block housings, like SDJ, SDG SBD, THD types, the Labyrinth Seal is the preferred choice. For SOFN housings the labyrinth seals are supplied with internal design having additional external oil traps and are called ‘Sealing Collar’

Labyrinth Seal is designated as as TS or TSNA 500S or TSNA 600S. In case of SAF and SDAF housing they are designated as LER_ _ _ .

When operating conditions are severe or when the speed is high, Labyrinth seals are recommended. To prevent rotation of the seal on the shaft, on O-section cord of synthetic rubber is incorporated in a groove provided in the labyrinth ring bore. The maximum permissible misalignment of the shaft in approximately 0.30. The labyrinth seal can be used at temperature range of – 500 C to + 200.0 C.

Labyrinth Seals are suitable for grease or oil lubrication and axial shaft displacement but not suitable for vertical mounting. For external condition with dust, sand, grit, sharp objects, clippings, splinters and sunshine Labyrinth seal is suitable but it is unsuitable with splashing fluids.