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Selection of seal for Bearing Housings should be done carefully since seal has very important role in functioning of bearing and bearing housing. An efficient seal adds to the life of a bearing by keeping dirt, dust, contamination and foreign particle outside the bearing housing whereas it prevents the lubricant from leaking out of bearing housing. To satisfy this basic requirement of a trouble-free bearing, a suitable Seal plays very important role.

There are five main types of seals which are popularly selected for bearing housings. (1). FELT (2). V SEAL (3). DOUBLE LIP SEAL (4). LABYRINTH and (5). TACONITE.

Seal should be selected as per application data as under:

  • Surrounding
  • Environmental condition
  • Dust
  • Sand
  • Grit
  • Chipping
  • Splinter
  • Splashing Fluid
  • Outdoor or Indoor usage
  • Operating Temperature
  • Peripheral Speed
  • Lubricant type
  • Method of Lubrication
  • Shaft Misalignment
  • Ease of maintenance, etc.

The rubbing seals, like felt, can be used at temperature of – 40 degree C to + 100 degree C and are suitable for the specified peripheral speeds of up to 4 meter/sec. But for temperature beyond the above range and for high speed applications, the non-rubbing seals, like labyrinth, are suitable.