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Truefit Made Plummer Block Housing

TEC are providing number of variants and customized changes in all types of Plummer block housings describes in TEC technical catalogue. But still there is necessity for Tailor made Plummer Block Housing for very specific requirement of industrial application. Such requirement arises due to space constrain or weight limitation combined with thermal, vibration or shock load application. At times heavier load than specified value also calls for customized design of Plummer block housing.

TEC technical team have been concentrating for many years for such requirement in industry and have developed & supplied many Tailor made Plummer Block Housings. The development process for such housings includes total involvement of TEC technical expertise to study and prepare proposal design and drawings. The customer is involved throughout the development stages so that resultant product exactly fits to their need. Some features are as per which TEC have supplies many plummer blocks are as follows:

  • Costumer’s Drawing
  • Customer’s Technical specifications
  • Substitute to the one used by customer
  • Redesigned from worn-out or broken plummer block housing lying at site
  • Bearing size or shaft dia specified by customer.

TEC has developed and supplied Tailor made Plummer Block Housing of 2500 kg in cast steel to bowl mill and steel plant. Numerous such plummer blocks are supplied to steel Rolling Mill and Iron ore mine to suit their requirements. TEC has developed swiveling cartridge housing unit suitable for Cooper bearing for steel plant.

Customers are advised to include following details in their enquiry for Tailor made Plummer Block Housing to enable us to prepare our offer.

  1. Load on Bearing.
  2. Application details.
  3. Environment/surrounding details.
  4. Preference for type of Lubrication.
  5. Continuous or intermittent operation.
  6. Space available for mounting.
  7. Centre height of shaft/ bearing.
  8. Speed of shaft.
  9. Temperature and vibration condition