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Tr 220 x 4 to Tr 850 x 7
Material C20 / C30 Carbon Steel
Mfg. Standard IS 6731-1977

ISO 2982

  • The larger Lock Nuts are also used along with Adapter Sleeve to locate bearing in position. COSMO Lock Nuts are capable to be used directly on threaded shaft end to locate bearing or on tapered journals to dismount bearings.
  • These larger nuts from size Tr 220×4 to Tr 850×7 have Trapezoidal threads. Larger Lock Nuts are provided eight equally spaced slots around outer diameter to facilitate use of hook spanner. The locking clip is provided instead of lock washer. The locking clip is made of deep drawn steel strip.
  • They are attached with larger nut using a nut with hexagonal head and a spring washer.